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Namibia Visa Requirements

For ease of logistics, Amanzi Trails is located on the Namibian side of the Orange River. The only road back to the starting point is on the Namibian side, as it is impossible to travel back on the South African side through the Richtersveld mountains.

It is, therefore, necessary to pass through Namibian Customs & Immigration when visiting us from any country other than Namibia. For ease of travel, we have included some helpful information to assist your compliance with Namibia Visa requirements.

More information about Visas and Passports

The good news for adult South African citizens is that you will only need a valid passport to cross through the Namibian border. So, for those South Africans wishing to visit Amanzi Trails, you should not have any trouble if you already have a valid passport. Those who require a passport, or need to renew theirs, should remember that passport applications take around three to six weeks to fulfil. Unfortunately, emergency and temporary passports are no longer issued by Home Affairs. This should be kept in mind when booking a trip with our team. Your passport will also need to be valid 6 months after the date of your departure.

South African citizens under the age of 18 are required to have an unabridged birth certificate in addition to their passport. An affidavit approving their departure is also required from any absent legal guardians, as per their unabridged birth certificate. To download a draft of the required affidavit, please scroll below.

Non–South Africans need to make sure about their Namibia Visa requirements with their relevant local travel authorities:

Namibian Tourism Board:
021 422 3298 (Cape Town)

011 702 9602 (Johannesburg)

Namibian Embassy:

021 419 2810 (Cape Town)

012 481 9100 (Pretoria)

Please be sure to read the following documents thoroughly in order to ensure that your border
crossing is without mishap.

Important information regarding non-Namibian vehicles

Visitors entering Namibia to visit Amanzi Trails with non-Namibian vehicles should be aware of the payable permit required at the border. Vehicles and trailers are also required to have a ZA sticker, which can be acquired from the AA. Although it is not often requested, visitors can prepare the following documents to ensure their ease across the border:

  • Certified copy of the vehicle’s registration
  • Letter from the relevant insurance company confirming their knowledge of the border crossing
  • Certified letter from financer authorising cross-border travel.
  • Permission from vehicle owners, should the vehicle not be your own.

Namibia Visa requirements

– PDF Documents –

Passport, Visa & Vehicle Requirements

Paspoort, Visum & Voertuig Vereistes

Border Post Requirements For Minors
Grenspos Vereistes Vir Minderjariges
Beëdigde Verklaring