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Smallmouth Yellowfish

Have you ever wondered what Orange River gold would look like? Catch a smallmouth yellowfish, and you will know! These yellow sheened fish are a hardy and adaptable species that has an average mass of about 9 kilograms. Their preference for large clear, flowing bodies of water speaks truth to the inhabitancy of this region.
Name of Angler: Frikkie Martins

Weight of Fish: 5.1Kg
Name of Angler: Schaun Nischk

Weight of Fish: 4.3Kg
Name of Angler: Zario Steyn

Weight of Fish: 3.8Kg

Fly fishing smallmouth yellowfish

Fly fishing is a popular angling method whereby a lightweight lure is used. During this activity, the cast is flown using a specialised weighted line, rod and reel. Catching smallmouth and largemouth yellowfish are both significant sports for fly fish anglers.

If you are interested in fly fishing on our trips, you are sure to be prepared with these tips:

  • Learn and practise a basic fly fishing cast.
  • Make use of a roll cast in tight spots.
  • Choose a deep water pool to begin for better luck.
  • Learn how to tie a simple ‘wooly bugger’ fly.
  • Take some time to decide on what bait will be used.

Catching smallmouth yellowfish

Smallmouth yellowfish are significantly easier to catch than their largemouth counterparts due to the sheer volume of them in the Orange River. Whether you are new to angling or are a seasoned professional, these fish are guaranteed to be a great goal for catching!

Our team recommends a 7 or 8wt rod and reel and a sinking line for those wanting to experience fly fishing in this section of the Orange River. A big fly is the best option to imitate small baitfish and river crabs.

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