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Fishing on the Orange River

Join us for a 4-day, 5-night fishing trip. The section of the river that we paddle is a fisherperson’s dream come true. Smallmouth Yellowfish, Largemouth Yellowfish and Sharp-tooth catfish are numerous and record-size specimens can be caught and released. Two-person inflatable rafts are used. Not only does their quiet action prevent the fish from being scared off, but it will also remind you of how city noise dominates one’s life. Not only will the fishing exceed your expectations but the rugged landscape of the Richtersveld is a wonder to view and is therapeutic and relaxing in itself.

Our trips are led by a guide who fishes himself and hence knows the good spots. He will plan the day to ensure that you spend time at good fishing sites and hence give you the maximum time to fish and bag your Orange River Gold! Our trips are catered so you can even fish while having breakfast, lunch and supper! The small groups permit personal attention so there will also be time for newbies to be assisted.

Open flat waters only contain small Tilapia, small Barbel (Sharp-tooth catfish) and Mudfish. The fast-moving water will therefore be concentrated on. This water is above, in and below the rapids (Grade 1). The water movement results in a higher oxygen concentration compared to flat water and also acts as a funnel where all the “food” needs to pass through, creating the perfect environment for fish.

Fast-moving water is divided into two categories with the optimal set-up different for each category:

1. Fast-moving water across a shallow rocky/sandy plane:
  • Smallmouth Yellowfish and Mudfish usually found here
  • Fly-fishing: 6wt rod and reel, floating line, nymph set-up with a point fly or small streamer setup
  • Conventional fishing: 6 or 7ft rod, small artificial lure or small sinker with corn or bread dough as bait
2. Fast moving deep gorge water:
  • Largemouth Yellowfish and very big Smallmouth Yellowfish are usually found here
  • Fly fishing: 7 or 8wt rod and reel, a sinking line, big fly imitating small bait fish or river crabs
  • Conventional fishing: 6 or 7 ft rod, deep diving artificial lure, rubber grubs or bigger sinker with corn or bread dough as bait

Cost 2024:

  • 3 days, 4 nights: R5900 per person
  • 4 days, 5 nights: R6850 per person
  • 5 days, 6 nights: R7800 per person

Cost 2025:

  • 3 days, 4 nights: R6400 per person
  • 4 days, 5 nights: R7400 per person
  • 5 days, 6 nights: R8400 per person

The cost includes:

  • All paddling equipment
  • Guiding
  • Park fees
  • All meals from dinner on the day of arrival until breakfast on the day of departure

Please note: Bring your own drinks, snacks and fishing equipment. (Drinks can be purchased at the base camp)

Please send us your required dates or approximate time period – we try as far as possible to customise your itinerary to suit your needs.

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