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Some Encouragement To Join Our Orange River Trips…

The Orange River trips that we offer, are life-changing! We guarantee that coming on a guided river trip with us, will leave you feeling rejuvenated and revitalised and with a great sense of achievement. During these rafting / canoeing experiences, your adrenaline will be pumping one minute, as you get to see and feel the white water surging around your canoe, and in the next moment you will experience total peace and tranquillity as the vast, shimmering river becomes calm again. Our trips are the perfect way to get rid of work stress, as your only concern becomes tackling the river rapids and finding a suitable spot to rest your head while taking in the magnificent night sky.

All our Orange River trips start at our very own base camp, known as the Amanzi River Camp – a beautiful oasis in the Richtersveld, where you can watch over the river and rugged Geelkrans cliffs. The campsite facilities include hot showers, toilets, sheltered lapas and green lawns. While on your rafting adventure, your vehicles and personal belongings will be safe at our campsite. Once you have completed your journey on the river, a vehicle will transport you back to the base camp where you can stay as long as you would like.

A picture speaks a thousand words so if you need any more encouragement to join Amanzi Trails on an unforgettable river adventure, please browse through the photographs below.